Rent a Mercedes S-class long with driver – Rent Mercedes S-Class Long Driver

Limousine Chauffeur in Veneto.

 Auto Transfer , offers a car with driver throughout the region Veneto.

Con Mercedes Benz classe S long version, vi accompagnamo in tutte le destinazioni

Our professional services, also include transfers to and from all airports in Italy , and the availability for fairs and conventions.

Il parco vetture di Auto Transfer , also includes means for 7 the 19 passeggeri sempre Mercedes Benz

Auto Transfer

Vicenza Venice Milan

Limousine Service in Veneto.


Autotransfer The company offers a car service with driver throughout the Veneto region.

Lavish with Mercedes-Benz S-Class long version, accompany in all destinations chosen by you,

our professional drivers, with the aid of satellite navigation, arrive at their destination without any problems.

Our professional services include transfers to and from all airports in Italy, as well as the availability for trade shows and conventions.

The park cars Autotransfer also includes means for 7 or 19 passenger Mercedes-Benz ever



Vicenza Venice Milan